Multivitamin supplements have become a lifestyle product that has long been in the drugstore and in the supermarket. A tablet should often contain all that the body needs of vitamins or minerals. The most importantly vegetables and fruits compressed into an uncomplicated guarantee of health.

First of all, it is true that the human body regularly needs minerals like magnesium or calcium and vitamins. In addition to cramps and muscle twitching, a good deficiency can also lead to fatigue, gastrointestinal discomfort, and cardiac arrhythmias. Those who do not eat fruits or vegetables every day usually consume enough vitamins, trace elements and minerals through their diet. Multivitamin supplements can never replace fruit or vegetables.
For example –Nutella over a longer period of time can lead to deficiency symptoms, which have a negative impact on health. But even if it does, the pills do not help: "Such deficiencies can hardly be prevented by Multivitamin supplements, because they can never replace fruit or vegetables," The reason: It's not about individual vitamins or minerals. "In many vegetables, there are over 400 ingredients that are important to the body, and vitamins are only a small part of that,", Secondary plant substances, fibers, minerals and trace elements are also important for the body - and many of them cannot be "packaged" in nutritional supplements at all.

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